Looking for more interesting and exciting career Options than Engineering and Medical courses? Why not pursue Clinical Research courses!

Clinical research is one of the most demanding branches of the science of medicine. So if you are not interested in pursuing engineering or MBBS courses after 12th std, but looking for different studies then you should consider getting admission and enrolled for a course in Clinical Research.

This is a new upcoming essential field of study of science which deals with the safety and effectiveness of human drugs and other devices and diagnostics used for prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Role of the Central Government of India

With the impetus of the Indian Government for this science and its non-negotiable application in the pharmaceutical industry, this field of science is gaining popularity like no other. The latest study indicates the exponential need for Clinical research professionals in the Pharma industry all over the world.

It is important here to understand that as per the statistics, India is the largest market which provides generic drugs across the globe. With the several economic drivers like the penetration of health insurance in this industry, the Indian Government envisions India to be a global leader in drug manufacturing. According to the India Brand Equity Foundation, Indian Pharma industry caters to the world as depicted in the graph below:-

Fig.1 Statistics of the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry catering to global needs.

Looking at such statistics, there is indeed an increasing need for Pharmaceutical professionals and very specifically Clinical Trial professionals, today in India. This article gives an insight into what is this new upcoming field of clinical research and who all can apply for this course and what are the various career prospects after successful completion of the course.

What is Clinical Research?

As mentioned earlier this branch of science studies the safety of human drugs and their effectiveness. This study is not only for the drugs but the various diagnostic equipment and devices which are used for the prevention and cure of human diseases. A professional who successfully completes this study is called a clinical research investigator.

This field is divided into 3 main parts which include Patient-oriented research, epidemiologic and behavioural research and the research related to health services.

There are various courses in this field of Clinical Research. Some of which are given below

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research
  • Bachelor of Science in Clinical Research
  • Master of Science in Clinical Research
  • Certificate in Clinical Research
  • Clinical Trial Management
  • Medical writing Course
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Healthcare Management and many more

Why should you pursue Clinical Research as your career option?

  1. The professionals who are seeking for pathbreaking careers in the big pharmaceutical corporate companies across the world may pursue courses in the Clinical Research field.
  2. The candidate who is passionate to make a difference in the value of the life of a human being and the pharmaceutical industry should join this course.
  3. The candidate who aims at bagging a respectful job with a handsome initial salary with a reasonable investment of time and money may join Clinical Research Courses.
  4. The candidates who couldn’t pursue higher medical education due to some odd situation or other and had to join other life Sciences courses may pursue these lucrative career courses.
  5. The candidates who are looking for a bright and promising career should definitely opt for these courses

The above courses are categorized depending upon their course duration and the course offered during the same. Let us now take a look at the eligibility which is required to gain admission for these courses.

Eligibility for Courses in Clinical Research

The students who have any Bachelor degree in Life Sciences, Pharmacy, Dental or any other allied health services like B.H.M.S, B.A.M.S, B.M.L.T, M.L.T, B.Sc. in Nursing, from a recognised university may apply. The candidates who have completed engineering in Biotechnology from a recognised university are also eligible to pursue this course.

Candidates should have completed their Bachelors with aggregate marks of 45% are eligible to apply. SC and ST candidates who have an aggregate of 40% marks may also apply.

The professionals who are seeking for lucrative careers in the big pharmaceutical corporate companies across the world may pursue courses in the Clinical Research field.

Some of the careers are:

  • Clinical Research Associate
  • Clinical Trial Assistant
  • Project Assistant
  • Start-up Associate
  • Clinical Research Coordinates
  • Clinical Operations Specialist
  • Regulatory Associates and specialist
  • Medical Writers
  • Feasibility associate
  • Records management associate.


Compensation provided at the entry-level 

The chart below helps us to understand the salaries which are drawn by the various entry-level professionals:-

Fig 2. Average salaries of Entry-Level Clinical Trial Professionals in India as per payscale.com

With the growth of career and the unprecedented demand of the professionals, the salaries are set to sky-rocket with times to come.

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