About the course:

Masters in Science in the field of Clinical Research is a postgraduate course offered for duration of two years. Clinical research deals with the deep study of human medicine and accurately ascertaining the effectiveness of the various drugs, devices and other diagnostic products used in the treatment of a plethora of diseases. It majorly aims at improving the standard and the quality of human life with its constant dynamic improvisation. Medical research is a continuous process and if you are really passionate to bring in a change into people’s lives with your contributions then this course is the right choice for you. Find the benefits of this course over other medical courses and know why clinical research is the next trending course.

M.Sc. in Clinical Research

  1. Job offers: MSc in Clinical Research scores high over the other post-graduate courses and diplomas when you look at the various jobs which would land up at your doorstep. With the clinical research coming up as a booming and knowledge-intensive industry, there are opportunities in various capacities in numerous companies, in India and overseas. Pharmaceuticals companies like Ranbaxy, Sun Pharma, Cipla and many more look for interns, fresher and other experienced professional clinical researchers. The jobs offered include roles like:
  2. Clinical Research Associates
  3. Clinical Data Coordinator
  4. Clinical Analyst
  5. Clinical Data Validator
  6. Clinical Research Coordinates
  7. Clinical Operations Specialist
  8. Regulatory Associates and specialists
  9. Records management associates
  10. Clinical Research Investigator
  11. Medical writers


These are just a few job roles which would welcome any clinical research post-graduate. These overwhelming opportunities win the biggest brownie points for this course.


  1. Eligibility: Put your well earned bachelor’s degree in Science, Life-sciences, Biotechnology, Pharmacy, Nursing, or any other professional courses like B.A.M.S, B.H.M.S, B.M.L.T, from recognized Universities to the best use by pursuing the Masters in Clinical Research. Not all medical courses have such eligibility. The rich and varied backgrounds of all the students make it even more desirable.


  1. Remuneration: After successful completion of the M.Sc. in Clinical research; you can expect a handsome job with a starting pay package of approximately 5 lakhs per annum or more. This salary is an added advantage of the course when we compare it to the salary which other professionals get offered.


  1. Other Reasons: After successful completion of this course, you may apply for post-doctoral studies (Ph.D.) in the field of clinical research. This can be followed by a career in training and development as well. The field of clinical research is interesting and exciting. It presents you with varied roles. Various challenges crop up every day in this field, given its dynamic nature. The nature of the jobs involves a range of activities and demands your complete involvement. It also means building relationships and growing your own network.


With so many benefits and advantages over other medical courses, M.Sc. in Clinical Research is becoming the most popular amongst Indian youngsters, today.