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How can Pursuing Medical Writing Benefit your Career?

In today’s world we have lot of options in our career unlike previous generation aspirants. One among the best is medical writing. How do we determine whether medical writing is a stimulating career? Like any other competitive fields medical writers too have various opportunities in the global market, For...

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Scope of Pharma Regulatory affairs in clinical research

PharmaRegulatory affairs is the desire of governments to protect public health by controlling the safety and efficacy of products in areas including pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines, medical devices, pesticides, agrochemicals, cosmetics and complementary medicines. Pharma regulatory Affairs is also referred as a government body which connects pharmaceutical company and the...

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What is Pharmacovigilance and how it is practiced today?

Pharmacovigilance is the study that deals with drugs and its effects on human beings. The study elaborates the process of detection, assessment, understanding and monitoring various drugs related side effects on humans. The aim of study on Pharmacovigilance is to create a safe and effective environment for drug manufacturers considering a...

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